The Secret Mommy Society

I’ve decided that I seriously need to make an effort to find friends for my children.  When you stay at home with your children, the hunt for friends typically means that you must go online and join meet-up groups.  Since moving here about 2 months ago, I have joined 2 groups.  The first group sucked!  I immediately felt uncomfortable and realized that I had about 10 years on these moms and we just couldn’t relate.  The second group was and is nice, but the women have been knowing each other for years and it is next to impossible for my children to penetrate those friendships…so, I had to join another one and by chance a new group popped up looking for mothers in their 30s.  I was elated and thought to myself that this must be the one.  

The first meet up was at the local mall.  I woke early to actually iron my jeans. I made sure to dress nicely, but not too nice, because I had to look my part.  I got there right on time and told myself that this was a mommy group and everyone is not always on time, but after waiting for 15 minutes, I got the picture that I had been stood up.  I emailed the other mom that was supposed to meet me and I am still waiting on a response. I was pissed to say the least and decided to take my children down to the germ infested play area so they could have fun and I could sit and calm down.  Guess who is also in the germ infested play area?  If you guessed the toothless mom I met at the park a week earlier, then you would be right.  

First, the chick tried to act like she didn’t know me, but when her son ran straight to my daughter, she could’t deny that we did in fact meet one another.  AHHHHHHH, what is wrong with these people?  Are they intentionally being fake and rude?  I was NOT in the mood for the B.S. and gave her my shoulder, but the chick kept trying to talk to me and although I was a bit peeved, I didn’t want to be labeled as the angry black woman and turned to listen.  She had a ton to say and at the end of her rant about her husband’s absence, her strained relationship with her mother, and her trying to be a better person, I actually started to enjoy hearing her and getting to know her.  We had some things in common…not all those things, but I could understand the husband stuff because my husband works a ton.  When I felt it was time to go (mainly because of the big ass kids that were in the play area), she asked for my number and told me that she was a part of another mom’s group that posted what they are going to do in another area online. Wait…huh?  Yes, there is an apparent secret mommy society that has nothing to do with the mommy groups that one can see.  There is an underground group and one is only made aware of it by invitation.  Oh, the politics of stay at-home mom groups. 



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