What I do…

Along with navigating the strange world of being a stay at-home mother while driving Black, I also enjoy taking care of these children of mine.  I am a bit of an adult, so I had this crazy idea that I should actually do something with them…like teach them things.  It is one part really cool and one part, what the hell was I thinking, but the pay off is AWESOME.  My daughter is quite bright which has nothing to do with me except for that whole DNA thing.  My son is also bright, but I think sometimes we don’t take notice of it because he has a small problem with his speech.  This summer I have learned that my son is on par with his sister and instead of babying him, I’ve pulled him up to the school table to exercise his brain. In a sense, I’ve become a teacher, which is funny because I shudder when people suggest that I become a teacher.  Anyway, I make a point to get the kids brains moving.  I also want them to have the ability to follow directions and sit still, so here are a few pics of our very informal school days:Image

My 5 year-old’s books that I use and work

My 3 year old’s books and work


Our science book that I bought for $1.00


Inside our science book

This is what we do during most of our days.  My daughter is working on addition, subtraction, reading, writing, and some science.  We are so happy that she loves to learn and are at ease that she will not struggle when she starts kindergarten this year.  We know that she will be a confident little girl.  My son is working on his letter/number recognition, writing straight and curvy lines, colors and shapes.  He also participates in the science, but we are just proud that he can sit still and follow directions at 3 years of age. I plan to post what we do during our days.


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