The Attack of the Obamites…

In an attempt to keep my children occupied, I have decided to venture out into sunny California on my own.  I’m not doing too well on the whole mommy group front and we can’t sit at home looking at one another all day, so I decided to take my children to story time at Barnes and Nobles.  Barnes and Nobles is a pretty nice bookstore and I thought that it would be cool to see how long my 3 year-old son would actually sit down to listen to a story.  Well, to my surprise he sat still the whole time, which gave me a chance to notice the madness that was going on all around me.

Surprisingly, story time was like a ghost town.  There were maybe 3 other children there besides mine and the lady reading the story didn’t seem to think that she should wait a few minutes for a crowd, so I thought to myself that this was going to be a great little place to listen to stories during the day. Well, not really. Story time started at 10 a.m. and at about 10:10 a.m., 15 children came out of nowhere. I mean, they literally came out of nowhere and they all came at the same time.  The sudden crowd of kids really didn’t bother me to be honest, but the Obamite that walked in at about 10:15 did.

I guess this is the point where I should explain what an Obamite is.  An Obamite is a person who dresses in all Obama paraphernalia, agrees with EVERYTHING President Obama says or does, calls anyone who doesn’t agree with the President a racist or a sellout, and defends him to the point of almost coming to blows.  Obamites are very passionate people. I have some of them in my family and this man, walking into story time late and loud was definitely an Obamite. Let’s go over the clues:

  • Exhibit #1:  He had on a Pres. Obama hat.  I don’t know about California, but in most places, when you walk indoors you should remove your hat.  This man did not want to remove his hat because how could he possibly let you know who he voted for if he did.
  • Exhibit #2: He had on a Pres. Obama shirt. Why? Of all the shirts one could pick out for the day, he chose the shirt with President Obama getting out of a limousine with a smirk on his face and his cool shades. Come on now!
  • Exhibit #3:  He had to say something about Pres. Obama while the lady was reading “Hop on Pop”. I really can’t make these things up, but he mentioned that President Obama wanted all the kids to know how to read and the Dr. Seuss book being read at the time was a good one.

He was definitely an Obamite and it bothered me to no end because Obamites have the tendency to lump you (meaning Black people like myself) along with them.  They say things like, “President Obama sure is having a hard time with those wicked people in Washington” while looking at you and expecting a response.  The whole time EVERYONE is looking for your response and your left feeling awkward when all you really wanted to do was take your kids to story time. The worse part about this Obamite was that he was loud and he pushed his way up to the front of the room after showing up late and talked through the whole story.  OH MY GOODNESS!

When the story was over, I knew I had to make a mad dash out of there to save myself from the awkward comments that were going to be thrusted at me by the Obamite, but of course my children wanted to color, play at the train table, and read so I was forced to deal with it all and true to who he was, my blackness was put on display for the whole Barnes and Nobles to see by the Obamite.  Fortunately, it was brief, he only commented that “we” need to start taking “our” kids to read and that “everybody else” takes their kids to read, so why don’t “we” do it.  I just smiled and nodded. What do you say to that at the Barnes and Nobles story time?  It really isn’t the time or the place for my children to be reminded that they are once again the ONLY Black children at story time because “our”, “we”, and “everybody else” are not code words anymore, my 5 year-old gets exactly what and who the Obamite is talking about.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it, but can’t “we” just go to the Barnes and Nobles and have a good time…I mean really.


3 thoughts on “The Attack of the Obamites…

  1. I love this. It’s so true, we, us, well you know what I mean. Some people take things to far. I have to use the term “Obamite” and its definition. Thanks for sharing this, it’s funny.


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