Play dates, science, and finally an adult conversation


Today was the play date with one of my daughter’s classmates.  To say that I was nervous would be an understatement.  I had the idea to have play dates with “Sharon” and her daughter after our children became fast friends.  Little did I know that after we exchanged numbers, that “Sharon’s” daughter would be the little girl consoling my daughter on the playground and running to tell the teacher when my daughter was hurt by another child excluding her based on her race. I also wanted to somehow continue hands on science with my daughter after learning that the school was not going to be focusing on science.  I suggested to “Sharon” that we meet-up after school on Wednesdays to have a play date and do a little science.  She was very happy to come over and play and suggested we take turns at each others homes doing the science experiments. Since I suggested these play dates, I took the first Wednesday which was today. I must admit that after the incident that happened at my daughter’s school, I was a little apprehensive about the whole thing, but decided that I was not going to improve anything by shutting everyone out.

The play date was awesome!  I had the opportunity to see my child in her element.  I noticed her mannerisms with her friend and noticed how comfortable she was.  My daughter is shy, but she wasn’t today.  She was assertive and confident, which was pretty cool. We started the play date with a very short lesson on the different types of clouds.  I gave the girls some construction paper, glue, and cotton balls to make their own cloud books.  When they were done making their books, they ran off to play in the play room and upstairs in my daughters room.  At the end of the play date we did a short experiment.  Here are some pictures:


photo 1

photo 2






The children played well together.  My son even had a good time!  Because the children were playing so well, it gave “Sharon” and I a chance to get to know one another and I found myself liking her.  She is genuine.  I did not feel like she ever felt uncomfortable in my home and talking to her felt easy.  I dislike strained or forced conversations and by the time it was all said and done, they (“Sharon and her 3 children) had been here for 3 hours.

It really felt good to have an adult conversation.  I learned that although she had 3 very young children, she had just started staying at home.  I appreciated her honesty in telling me that she felt conflicted with her decision because I know how that feels. I also learned that she grew up in a semi-military home and that she actually likes her husband, which I find is rare these days.  I found that we appear to have some of the same worries and we also share the confusion that comes along with having alpha male husbands.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I wonder if I have met a friend.


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