The Government Shutdown

My intent in this post is not to get political.  I’m not going to pick sides because I believe that is a portion of the problem.

Friday (September 27, 2013)

My husband is in the field.  We have not really seen him for a while and he is unable to call for about 10 days. I can’t discuss ANYTHING with him. I don’t know if he is or isn’t going to get paid.  I don’t really sleep because I’m just that anxious

Saturday (September 28, 2013)

I watch the news to see if they are going to come to some resolution. At the end of the night, I see that they don’t and the government will shut down.  I get angry.  I’m no longer anxious.  I’m just pissed.  I feel like crying. We’ve sacrificed so much and now they want to take away his pay too.  My daughter is crying for her father and the government can’t figure it out.

Sunday (September 29, 2013)

No new news. A rumor starts to spread that they (the government) is going to sign a bill that allows military to still get paid. Anger is still pretty high and I start to attack people all over social media.  In the evening, I decide that I need a social media break and start reading.

Monday (September 30, 2013)

I start getting messages that the commissary on post will be closed on Tuesday. I have given up hope that the government will not shut down. It’s done.  The government has failed the people.

Tuesday (October 1, 2013)

I learn that my husband will still receive his pay, but it might not be on time because of furloughs. I go into conserve mode.  We have some money saved, but there is no telling how long this is going to last. I refuse to sign my daughter up for more ballet classes until it is resolved.  We only need to concentrate on the essentials at the moment. I finally get a text message from my husband, which I haven’t spoken to in a week, telling me to ahead as usual with everything. I kind of take a breath, but I remember all of my friends. My daughter’s god-mother is getting some medical treatment on post and can’t be seen because of the shut-down.  She is a combat war veteran mind you. My daughter’s god-father, also a combat war veteran has been furloughed.  He just had a baby a few months ago. A friend from high school works as a firefighter for the national parks, he still has to work, but is not going to get paid. Veteran disability payments may or may not happen. The nurses at the hospital on post still have to work, but with no pay. Most of the people I deployed with now work for the government in some capacity.  They have all been furloughed. We, really believe in that motto, “For God and country”.  I’m not being sarcastic when I write that.

My Personal Thoughts:

I have struggled to understand the logic in all of this on both sides.  Contrary to most of the stereotypes people put on each other, I’m not a card carrying Democrat because I’m Black. I’m also not a card carrying Republican because I’m military. My voting card says, ‘no party affiliation’. I do consider myself an American and my voting record is proof of that. I don’t always vote Democrat and there are plenty of times that I vote Republican. I believe most American are like me. They are in the middle and are tired of the fighting across the aisle. Both sides are unwilling to budge and the very people who support this country’s infrastructure suffer.

I saw online that a man  put up a status saying that government shut down would force lazy people to find work.  I firmly believe this is the opinion of the far-right and tea party. My friends are not lazy and neither are the civilians who work in federal jobs. This attitude is mean spirited and makes your stomach turn. I also see posts online commenting on how women aren’t going to receive their WIC or head start assistance.  A woman on the news said she would be forced to drop out of school and find a job to pay for childcare.  I’m not being rude when I write this, but by all means drop out of school and get a job to support your child if you have to. The far lefts agenda by playing the sympathy card for people who I have in my own family who abuse the system is getting old and people are tired of it. I am all for a hand up, but at some point, sacrifices have to be made because of ones good or bad decisions.

At this point, I believe we all can agree that the system is broken. There are no winners in this.  The GOP believe that the Affordable Care Act is flawed, well so was the Civil Rights Act. The initial Civil Rights Act did not achieve all that it was intended to do and further legal battles had to happen to see actual change and guess who fought President Johnson over that legislation. I’ll let you figure that one out.

At the same token, I wonder if Democrats could come to the table and acknowledge that it is flawed, just like any new legislation or program and in good faith extend the time to work out the kinks.  It is valid. I mean, do you know how people without computers are going to sign up for it? Where do you go to pick a plan? Are there satellite offices? How do you make payments? Can you go to any doctor you want? How does it effect your ability to get brand over generic drugs at the pharmacy? How does this effect our taxes? Has anyone knocked on your door to give you the basics of it? I’ve tried to read the Affordable Care Act and there is a bunch of jargon that I just don’t understand. I’m being honest.

What I am sure of at this point is that this is ridiculous. It’s sad. It’s upsetting. I feel like they all should be fired.  ALL OF THEM! They are getting paid and when we choose sides, they are just playing us. We all need to demand that they do better and not get involved in their fighting.  They need to figure it out so Americans can get back to work and actually get paid for their work. I’m not satisfied because my husband is getting paid.  I won’t be happy until all my battle buddies and all government workers are not left in limbo while these adults that are acting like children figure it out. WE elected them, they work for us.





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