Sleep and Sage

A few days ago, I wrote about my son having some trouble sleeping.  It seemed like all of a sudden he really could not sleep without me. I began staying in the room with him until he fell asleep. I made a point of not getting in the bed with him because I’ve been down that road and I really don’t have the strength to do it again.  I thought that in time, I would inch my way out of the room and eventually he would once again get use to going straight to sleep after story time.  Well, the strangest thing happened the very same day that I wrote that post on the blog.

In the middle of me reading some posts from my favorite bloggers on WordPress, I heard a horrible sound coming from downstairs.  Okay, this is the part that I disclose that I am afraid of all things spooky.  I don’t look at horror movie commercials. I will never go to see a horror movie and I’m low-key afraid of anything to do with cornfields and people hiding in them, so when I heard the noise, I kind of just ignored it. I ignored it because I didn’t want to go check it out. That is a man’s job and there is no man here, so the noise would just have to wait until my husband returns.  Well, the noise wouldn’t stop and I actually like my mother in-law who was sleeping downstairs in our guest room, so I thought it would be kind of me to figure out what the hell was going on.  Just as I was about to go downstairs, I heard my mother in-law get up and say The Lord’s Prayer.  After hearing that exchange, I immediately got back in my bed and proceeded to ignore what ever the hell was going on down there.  I’m too afraid of that type of stuff.

In the morning, I asked my mother in-law if she had a restful sleep and she told me that she didn’t.  She said that she felt like someone was holding her down at one point in the night.  She also said that she thought she saw a man in the room with her.  Okay, so while she’s telling me all of this, I’m thinking that there is some weird crap going on in that room because my mother was having bad dreams in there too when she came to visit.  On top of all of that, my son abruptly doesn’t want to sleep in his room anymore.  OH HELL NAW (not no, NAW)!  It is NOT going down in this house.  I immediately picked up my phone and texted “Sharon” and asked her where to get the sage. Thankfully, she didn’t think I was completely off my rocker and told me where to get it. Of course, because I have the worse luck ever sometimes, it was not at the store, so I ended up at this new age shop.

Have you been to a new age shop?  I’m not even sure that’s the right name for it.  It was actually pretty cool, but the customers were a little freaky. I could have sworn that one lady in there buying unicorns was high.  There was another guy who simply could not make up his mind on 7 different types of turquoise bracelets to give to his partner. The guy in front of me scared me a bit.  He just seemed a bit off.  Okay, so I pick up my sage and get in line and the guy that scared me a little bit is exactly $1.49 short. The cashier told him that he was welcome to look for another item, but homeboy was not moving. The little stuffed animal he was attempting to buy was for his sister and he was already late in giving her a gift. The cashier was very nice, but told him again that he would have to find something else.  Once again, he did not move, so I told him I would pay the difference for it.  The boy looked shocked, which I thought was odd because I’ve been in the store with my husband when people can’t afford things and if we can spare it, we always help.  Don’t most people do that?  It was ONLY $1.49 for goodness sake and it was for his sister. Anywho, I pay for my sage and proceed to exit the store only to be confronted by the boy I just helped.  He starts asking me if I want the gift bag the cashier gave him, he wants to know my name, he wants to know why I would do that.  I answered his questions, but I REALLY wanted to get away and told him to pay it forward while backing away in my car.

I burned the sage throughout the house.  I told my kids to ask God to protect them from things seen and unseen.  It is a prayer my father use to say in my room at night and it popped right up in my head when I started burning the sage in the kids rooms.  I’m not very religious, so it was a bit interesting that I fell right back to that. After burning the sage, I bathed the kids, read them a story, and kissed them good night.  The funny thing is that my son did not cry for me to stay with him and EVERYONE slept soundly through the night.  I slept so soundly that when I came into my room, I had no intentions to fall asleep. My plan was to type up this blog, but as soon as my body touched my bed, I was fast asleep. I asked everyone if they slept soundly and everyone said yes.  My mother in-law did not have any nightmares. My son did not cry out for me. My insomnia somehow disappeared and my daughter woke up rested.  Very weird, but whatever was freaking everyone out appears to be gone.


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