Friends buy friends paleo cookies

I have come to the conclusion that I have made a friend here in California.  It became official today when she gave me a real life paleo cookie, from a real life paleo restaurant.  I must be doing something right in my life to deserve such luxuries. If you don’t know what the paleo diet consist of, then you are more than welcome to google it.  After you google it, you will understand why this is such a big deal.  I follow the paleo diet for health reasons, not because I want to be skinny.  Paleo is one of those extreme diets that I said I would never do and now that I do it, I often get nervous talking about it because I don’t want people to think I’m some crazy fanatic who grimaces at the sight of Cheetos.  I actually do grimace at the sight of Cheetos, but that’s only if one of my children happen to be holding those bag of Cheetos.  Anyway, “Sharon” bought me a paleo cookie and brownie and I almost felt like crying.  It has been very hard for me being here alone and to know that someone listens to me and cares is freaking awesome.  It helps that I actually like her and her children, so she never had to buy the paleo cookie or brownie, but that just closed the deal for me.





5 thoughts on “Friends buy friends paleo cookies

  1. I did strict paleo too. I still do it from time to time, but having caribbean heritage, I need my rice from time to time so I’m eat pale/gluten free. I’d love to see what they look like…if you haven’t eaten them already haha


    • Oh, how I miss rice. My old favorite food use to be red beans and rice with oxtails, also known as rice and peas with oxtails. The oxtails just aren’t the same without the rice and peas or the dumplings, but my body feels much better.

      By the way, I ate those cookies before I even left her house. They were delicious! lol


  2. You are awesome. You deserve a treat!!! I am so glad you enjoyed them. You have such a beautiful family and I am glad you and your family are here. Thank you for being you!!!


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