Wow…it has been a long time


I haven’t blogged in a long time.  I have neglected this blog for good reason.  First, when my husband returned from training, my focus turned to our family completely.  I wanted us to spend every moment with one another and instead of coming to type on my computer, I found myself spending as much alone time as I could with my husband. Next, the stress of an upcoming deployment left me feeling uninspired to do anything.  I believe I went into survival mode and I’m not at all creative in that time.  Lastly, I just think I was downright depressed.  I don’t like my husband being gone.  I do not like parenting by myself.  I don’t like taking out the trash and I surely don’t like being a full time cook.  Okay, the last one is kind of a joke, but the truth is that I really like my husband.  It’s just sad not having him around.

After he left, I often would look at my computer screen with every intention to write, but nothing would come out.  I think I felt like I was stuck in between something.  He hadn’t quite left yet because he was in training in the States, but I knew the likelihood of seeing him again was slim.  He did return home and our visit was horrible for the first day, but we got it together and my heart ached to see him off again.  He is now on the other side of the Earth.  He is the sun and I am the moon.  When he rises, when we are going to sleep.  When we rise, he is going to bed.  He left on the day of the lunar eclipse and I found that very symbolic to what is happening.

Some say the sun and the moon are lovers, only getting a chance to be together at an eclipse.  The next lunar eclipse is in October.  I pray that my love comes home before the scheduled time and we are reunited when the sun and the moon meet again.


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