Happy New Year…Again

Wow, it is hard to believe that the last time I entered this blog was a full year ago. I kind of took a very serious break from many forms of social media. I wanted to refocus the time that I spent in these areas on my family, but mostly on my husband. After he came home from his deployment, I think it was important to me to make an effort on my part to consciously add him back into our lives. One of the major issues that plague military families is the balance between life while your spouse is a away and life when they return. The last deployment was my husband’s third. I was with him on the first deployment and the second deployment almost ruined our marriage. We both did not know how to balance his coming home. He did not know where to fit in and I continued living as if he had never came home. I am thankful we got over that rough patch, but I am even more thankful that this last deployment was living proof that we learned from our mistakes.

So…he’s been home for over a year now and it’s time for me to return. I kind of laugh typing that last sentence. I am known for starting and stopping a many of projects; however, I’ve written this one down. If you write it down on a piece of paper, then it will more than likely happen, right?

Right! It will happen and with the New Year comes new hopes, dreams, and possibilities that can and will be achieved. My most important goal for the New Year is to write. I want to write like my life depended on it. While I have a few fears, writing is the one that keeps me up at night. Writing haunts me. It is always watching. It is always standing around a corner peeking in with eyes of judgement. It is the one thing that opens my heart and flows through me. It is when I am most honest and it is when I am most vulnerable. It is me.



I believe in New Year’s resolutions or maybe New Year intentions. My intention is to be me and all that entails. My intensions are:

1. Attend yoga at least 3 times a week

2. Learn how to design in Adobe or find somebody who can (sign-up for a class)

3. Launch my crazy ideas/designs (look at that, I’m too afraid to write them in detail)

4. Let my daughter be her own damn self (why do I struggle with that?)

5. Nourish my son’s passion of art (sign him up for art camp in the spring)

6. Call my mother more (at least three times a week)

7. Love my brothers without judgement (a loved ones addiction and distance are difficult to get over, but I am trying)

8. Listen to my cousin in all her hippie wisdom (be open to things I do not know)

9. Make an effort to communicate with my father once a week (figure out if I have healed)

10. Make a mala

11. Read at least seven books (one cannot write if they do not read)

12. Save more money (beasted this goal last year, but then I got a tummy tuck, lol)

13. Love my husband without fear (stop comparing him to my past hurt)

14. Nourish friendships lost and gained in 2015 (deal with my PTSD)

15. Listen

16. Write, write, and write

That’s it! Not a very long list and not a list that cannot be done.  What are some of your’s?  My hope is that everyone achieves growth and joy in the New Year. Until next time…

Love and light y’all.



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year…Again

  1. I really enjoyed reading your goals! I have some similar ones, especially when it comes to writing more. I definitely have a passion for it, and it seems that many of us “bloggers” do. Best wishes for your new year!

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