Fear is probably one of the most debilitating emotions one can face. Fear has the ability to stop one from living and it has some very strong allies in anxiety and negativity. I am not afraid of most things, but I am afraid of myself.

Fear is the belief that something is so dangerous that it will harm you. It is the acceptance that it is better to remain safe than to venture out into the unknown. Fear, has been the number one thing that has prevented me from trying my wildest dreams. Once fear sets in, then its friend anxiety comes along with its luggage and tugs at your heart and brain. Have you ever had an anxiety attack? Anxiety feels like everything is closing in, your heart races and your breath shortens. You feel like you’re going to die. When anxiety subsides, then negativity shuts you all the way down. You begin to develop reasons why your ideas are invalid, stupid, or even some form of pretentiousness. The result is never realizing your dreams or even your small wants.

My cousin encouraged me to make a Facebook page for this blog and then share it with my friends. I was frightened by the process. After creating and sharing the page, I felt instant anxiety. I was literally shaking and removed myself from my computer and phone because it was too much for my little heart to handle. When I was able to calm down, I began to question why I thought my words and thoughts were worthy. Why did I feel so important? What did I realistically have to offer? Could I possibly hold myself to this resolution to write? The negative thinking against oneself is the worst part of the process and because I knew those thoughts would come, I keep a mantra/statement in my journal and read it to myself when I want to give up:

“There is something inside of you the world needs. Let it go. Stop running from who you are”.

So, with a humble heart I thank each and every person who liked this page and reads this blog. If you struggle with fear as well, I would encourage you to find your own mantra or take mine. Read it, write it, and begin to realize it. We are all here for a purpose. Life is about finding that purpose and taking the steps necessary to live in that purpose.


Love and light y’all.



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