Sunday Intentions (1/17)

I thought this day would never end. It has been a great day, but a long one. I have been longing to get in front of my computer and set my intentions for the week. Last week, my intentions were to be thankful. Intentions don’t mean anything without action behind them, right? I can confidently write that I held to my intention in recognizing and appreciating the life that I live. My ability to do that made my week much better.

Last week included so many things that I normally take for granted. I got to walk with friends and have meaningful conversations. I had the opportunity to go on a shopping date with my daughter and listen to her share her thoughts and fears. I sat down with a friend to discuss history, which was probably the highlight of my week. I was able to chat with friends across the country. Best of all, I have had the chance to spend time with my brother in-law who is visiting from England. I have so much to be thankful for. What stands out to me are the connections that I put effort into and what springs from them.

I was reminded last week, somewhat indirectly, that I need to listen when people talk. When someone says they are not your friend, even in jest, believe them. If someone’s spirit is the direct opposite of yours, then it is best to let them be. I tell this to my daughter almost every week, but for some reason I still haven’t completely grasped the concept. Sometimes we are so busy trying to usher people across to our happy place that we don’t realize that it is not our job. Everyone arrives at happy or joy in their own time and sometimes they do not arrive at all.

The connections that I have built with people are not by accident. I know that the universe or God conspires to put certain people in my life for different reasons. The goal is to let the universe work its magic and stop trying to make people fit in my pretty little categories. Everyone isn’t going to fit. I’ve been blessed many times over with friendship. I am thankful for that and I plan to nourish the connections I have and let go of the ones I thought were going to happen.

Soooo…my intention for this week has nothing to do with what I just wrote. lol! Well, sort of. My intention is to go to yoga class and get back to my center. I’ve been missing yoga and since I’ve just been released from my doctor to continue practice, it is important that I do so. My plan is to concentrate on my breathing, enjoy the transitions, and apply my struggles or ease on the mat to my life. I also plan to enjoy the connections that I have. I thoroughly enjoy my walks around the neighborhood and park with friends. I enjoy the text conversations I have. I enjoy the occasional at home lunch date and I enjoy the fellowship of positive women. I know I am blessed. I’ve come an extremely long way and for that I owe it to myself to always take inventory of what I’m putting out as opposed to what I’m getting in return. Rule #1 is to always love myself…no more martyrs.

Love and light y’all.


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