An attempt to keep my children occupied

I’ve put myself on a schedule.  I had to do it.  I know it sounds crazy because being at home is supposed to be relaxed, but I don’t thrive in relaxation.  I thrive in structure, which may explain why I thoroughly enjoyed those 8 years I spent in the military.   I also don’t have a husband right now.  My husband is still active duty and set to deploy quite soon, so he is constantly in training.


I know some may roll their eyes when I write that I function differently without my husband, but it is the truth.  I get that some women do it by themselves everyday, but that is usually not my reality.  My husband is my partner in all of this and without him being here lately, I have felt a bit lost…so, I made this list:

Yes, the list is typed with a specific font, different font sizes, separated by 2 columns with the title in bold.  I know I’m taking this way too seriously, but what is a girl to do? The kids and I needed something to get us in a groove and what better way to get into a routine than writing down (or typing) what you may or may not do during the week.  I don’t expect us to finish one single day following this list, but this is an attempt to keep my children happy and hopefully tired at the end of the day.  How else am I going to do this blog stuff?

This list is pretty tame too.  We aren’t doing anything all that spectacular, but we are keeping the television off until 6 p.m.  because the kids were starting to sing the jingles from commercials and it was getting to be a bit embarrassing.  Plus, this is supposed to be my “job”, so I kind of started looking at this whole stay at-home mom thing from the perspective of: would I pay someone to do what I am doing?  If my answer is no, then I’m not doing something right.  As I type this, we are on our way to Day 4 (Thursday) and this has been the best week since moving here.  The children are happy.  I have had minimal disciplinary issues and I have felt fantastic about playing in the play room with them because I know all my chores can be done while they watch television for an hour. I’m not rushed and I have decided to put my cell phone AWAY.  I had this terrible nightmare one night about my daughter drawing a picture of me with my cell phone in my face while she was playing.  The mommy guilt is real people.  Now, I just need to figure out what to do for the weekends.